Design and Construction

Inception and feasibility study:

  • This activity is intended to furnish the client with the information needed to provide assurance that the project is legally, functionally and financially feasible. Having this confirmation provides the certainty sought that validates a decision to proceed to detailed design.

Consultant appointment:

  • We will assess with the client and make recommendations on the need for additional consultants and services. We will appoint consultants on behalf of the client and manage their involvement as part of the integrated design process.

Detailed design:

  • ┬áThe detailed design process translates the brief into a three dimensional form that is moulded by both the site analysis and the aesthetic visioning. That form is expressed through detailed design drawings and through architectural illustrations and computer modelling.

Cost planning:

  • Preparing a detailed cost plan is a crucial aspect of building procurement. It seeks to establish a budget for the project that is compatible with the client’s vision and that can be used as a cost datum during the design and construction process. The design plan includes the cost of consultants, permits and consents. In addition, it┬ádevelops into an elemental construction plan for the project that is used to assess the consequence of design, construction and materials selection decisions.

Permits and consents:

  • This includes building permits and other statutory consents.

Construction information:

  • Here we prepare detailed drawings and documents that translate the detailed design drawings into a fully described package that provides the contractor and subtrades with all information essential to materials and components purchase, the details of the building assembly and the quality and standard of construction, fitments and finishes.
  • The client has a range of options open for building procurement. These range from separate trades contracts which we manage and administer to a selective tendering process leading to the appointment of a main contractor. In all cases we provide robust oversight during construction to determine that codes and standards are being met. During the construction process we prepare monthly cost statements that chart actual building cost against the cost plan. This provides a means of monitoring that the project is on time and within budget.