Preparation of the design brief:

  • The brief is a crucially formational document and its preparation can save considerable time once the building design process commences.┬áIt’s purpose is to define the questions to which the building design is the answer.

Site analysis:

  • A detailed site analysis is an essential component of a bioclimatic approach to building design. The site analysis will record and assemble relevant data about the site topography, geography, geology and environment that will inform the design process.

Aesthetic visioning:

  • Like the site analysis, this process is a prelude to the building design stage. It aims to explore and develop a coherent and appropriate aesthetic language and design vocabulary that is consistent with the client’s lifestyle, tastes and aspirations. The ‘look and feel’ that emerges from this process is generic rather than building specific.

Rezoning/land use applications:

  • We will check to ensure that the use intended for the lot is compatible with the land use category ascribed to it by the local government. In the event of a conflict, we can prepare zoning and other land use applications that seek to reconcile that conflict.